Armstrong Surfacing offers a wide range of materials such as:

Dense Base Course (DBC)

Base course is manufactured from a various range of aggregates bound together by a bituminous binder. Dense base course is the load bearing strengthening layer of any job usually comprising of 14mm, 2Omm or 28mm aggregate as the normal size.

Bitmac Wearing Course (BWC)

Bitmac wearing course is made in a similar fashion to base course manufactured, also from a various range of stone sizes such as 6mm, 10mm, and I4mm and bound together with a bituminous binder ideal for light traffic areas, footways, and driveways.

Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA)

Stone mastic asphalt is a very hard wearing and abrasive material used in areas such as commercial yards , roadways / laneways, car parks and larger driveways where there would be a lot of heavy trafficking. This material is also made similar to the DBC and BWC with the introduction of cellulose fibres to the mixing process to provide its strength and durability.

Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA)

Hot rolled asphalt is produced using a combination of coarse aggregate surrounded by bituminous binder fine sand and limestone filler. This matrix gives the product an imperial appearance and highly durable characteristics. This product can be used as a base course or wearing course pending on the specification or requirements of the customer. When HRA is being installed as a surface wearing course various coloured chippings are introduced to provide skid resistance and the desired cosmetic appearance. HRA is the top of the range material, it is very hard wearing and can be used as a commercial or domestic surface.

Pre - Coated Chippings (PCC)

These are available in 10mm, 14mm and 20mm sizes and can be either red or black in colour. These are installed into the hot rolled asphalt wearing course for anti - slip purposes and decoration. 10mm granite chippings are available too, but only to be used on pedestrian walkways.

Colfix Emulsion

Colfix can be used as a tack coat or as a sealer. Tack coat is used as a bonding agent to bond the new surface to the old. It is sprayed onto an original surface such as concrete / tarmac or asphalt that is still in good condition and that we are intending to overlay with a finish wearing course. Colfix emulsion sealer was designed to be heated and sprayed onto a bitmac surface that is in good condition. This sealer prevents water and frost from deteriorating, the bitmac and also adds more strength to the surface.